FMAudit Advantages for Site Assessments

    FMAudit offers many advantages over existing processes which are currently being used to assess customers' sites.  Cost and time may be the largest factors, but there are many others.  Each method below includes 10 points to consider when making your decision.  
FMAudit Software:
  No software pre-installed
  Audit all Printers and MFP's within minutes
  Non-intrusive to end-user
  Results include serial numbers and toner coverages
  Meters for prints, copies, faxes and scans
  Meters for color and monochrome pages
  Fixed cost per audit or subscription
  Accurate results
  Support for local printers
  Support for all OS's and network configurations
Manually Gather:
  Labor expense escalates with number of printers
  Time consuming process
  Walk around to every device
  Intrusive to end-user
  No way to extract local printer information
  Most likely requires printing configuration pages
    May not know password
    May not know interface
  Have to manually enter and tabulate results
  Information is often transposed (errors and mischarges)
Print Management Software:
  Cost of software
  Labor expense associated with installation
  Intrusive to end-users' IT department
  Serial numbers must be gathered manually
  S/N's and Equip ID's must be cross referenced manually
  No meters for copies, faxes or scans without extra equipment
  Delay in receiving results;15-45 days
  Potential liability on customers network
  OS and network incompatibilities
  Results are not always accurate
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